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Lemur Creationist Theory



Isabelle was an old fashioned Lemur, from her brown frock to her addiction to her Blackberry.

Maria de Medici’s Lemur

Agnolo Bronzino

Splendid Day

Oh Yes, everyday was a splendid day when Marsha got to dress herself

Writers Block

The seasons came and went…by the time May rolled back around, Marsha was comfortable with her writer’s block.

Lucy Lemur

   Lucy found only one photograph of her great-Aunt Marsha…the family barely whispered her name, she had been the wild one.

Horatio and the Cup of Tea


Lonely Lemur

   Half way through a bottle of wine and a pink donut…she had to face it, even though she loved her accordion…she felt terribly alone.

Lemur Calling Home