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P Dawg

   P. Dawg was an overnight sensation in the underground music scene…and when he wagged his stubby tail, girls fainted…

Mr. Prairie Dog


Young Mr. Rooster

   No matter what transpired the day before…it was the young Mr. Rooster’s job to greet the new day.


   Cesare was an enigma…A Modern, Primitive Italian House Cat Living In Oregon

Spring Parents


Old Trusty

   After the delicious evening meal, it was long habit of Old Trusty to relax…withdraw from the table and savor that perfectly aged wingtip shoe. Life was good.

Lemur Calling Home

Henri Painter

…Give Henri a palette, some oils and a nude Labrador or two and he would paint all afternoon…

Space Cat

Melissa Longhair had an idea for her new romance novel, “The She Cat From Outer Space…”

Wally’s School Picture