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Tom Coyote Under the Moon

After a fine jack rabbit dinner and a few hours of singing his favorite song…El Paso by Marty Robbins. Tom Coyote sat back to have some deep thoughts…is the song named Felina or… Continue reading

Farmer Daisy Mae

Although Rhoda Red vehemently denied any attachment to Daisy Mae, it was obvious to Daisy that they had a special bond.

Wolf Hall

Sweet Pea and Mr. Peanut were really excited when they heard Wolf Hall was an historical drama on Public Broadcasting. They wanted to know more about their Canine Ancestors…they gave up watching after… Continue reading

Tom Coyote

Tom Coyote stuck mostly to himself, not liking to be seen or heard by the residents of Sagebrush Flats…that was until the full moon…his song could be heard for miles and miles.

Sweet Pea’s Vindication

Vindication Day Came…Sweet Pea had been warning about the Raccoon, she had howled and howled and no one took her seriously…UNTIL TODAY!

Angus’ Opus

Mr. Peanut Flies

Mister Peanut was short. His view of the world was the bottom two feet of every room…except at night, when everyone slept Mister Peanut would call out to his friend…Long Legged Bird with… Continue reading

Spoiled Squirrel

Through her great-great Uncle Secret Squirrel…Eleanor Squirrel was a Trust Fund Baby, Ellie, as she was known to friends, had a fancy blue car and spent her time driving around Champoeg park and… Continue reading

Mr. Peanut Can Fly

Mr. Peanut can fly, really he has been practicing all day.