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Horatio and the Cup of Tea



  …damn, about 50 years ago…she should have turned right instead of left…


   …Chester hated working the Petting Zoo…it took about an hour, two whiskeys and a half a pack to wipe that stupid “kangaroo” grin off his face…

Leap Year

   Steve and Marsha (self portrait)

Her Dreadful-ness

   Sweet Pea loved her new dragon costume. She renamed her dog house “the Lair” and spent hours rearranging her torn stuffed animals…Mr. Peanut could not contain his giggles when Sweet Pea asked… Continue reading

Contemptuous Cats

Suddenly, it all made sense to her: dogs…all dogs…were beneath contempt.

Mr. Bird

   After a long day, Mr. Bird liked to unwind with a Mai Tai, his favorite book and catch up on his reading…

Cat With Fish


Happy New Year

   Year of the Monkey